The X Concept

We are a full service marketing agency established in San Diego, CA in 2001. We provide Website development, SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing.

The X Concept’s activity is based on influencing our clients regarding a lot of sides of their businesses.

Our staff is composed of seasoned experts that use their experience and skill set to bring every single project to completion with constant communication and measurable results.

Business Plan Creation

You have an idea but don’t know where to start to make it happen, our consultants have entrepreneurial spirit that will get them to take personal pride in the “next best thing” you are wanting to start. We will provide you with branding and collateral, print and digital that will allow you to target investors with serenity and peace of mind.

Branding Services

We have designed countless corporate identities for companies of all sizes. From logos, brochures, website layouts, packaging. We care about the image of your business as it’s what your target customer will see FIRST.

Digital Marketing Activity

Providing creative and targeted content to your clients the digital way, we have designed and put in place very successful digital marketing campaigns with really high impact that have farmed KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) up to 4 times industry standards.

Website development
We specialize in WordPress CMS to develop functional and visually pleasing websites that will provide you great results within graders, SEO and are displayed perfectly on computers, tablets and mobile phones. Over half of website traffic and activity comes from portable devices.
Direct Email marketing (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Swiftpage…) and CRM database administration (SQL, ACT!, Filemaker, Zoho, Pipedrive, Nutshell…). Our targeting macros get the right information to the right people every time, shattering previous results for plenty of our clients.
Social Media
Our involvement in social media from the genesis of all services bring us as experts on organic growth. Representation of your brand and your location using demographics and geo-targeted information is maximizing the impact that your business will obtain from those efforts.
Content Marketing
We provide content integration for our clients, using this as a multi channel lead generation. Content is SEO optimized and will automatically PUSH towards Social Media networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Google+. This content will optimize the reach of each article/post to visitors ready to enter the conversion funnel.


San Diego US

Big Easy Growth

Digital Marketing Agency

We offer Top Notch Digital Marketing Services such as:
Web Design (Wordpress,Wix,Weebly etc.)
Graphic Design (logo,banner etc.) Using only best Adobe software
SEO services
Social Media Management
Pay Per Click Ad Management
Growth Development
Branding Development (story,personal,business)

And Much More


Lacombe US

Erwin Mamolang

System Administrator

I'm currently working as a System Administrator/ Support of a prestige Hosting Company.

I can manage several type of Hosting Platform.
Shared, Dedicated, VPS and Cloud Servers


Cebu US


$1 - $499

Dynamism Consulting, LLC



Springfield US

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Custance IT Services Inc.

Local Business Agency & more!


Nepean US


20 Years of experience developing custom business software solutions


Santa Tecla US

Auguste Halcyon LLC

Insert catchy summary that is not auto-generated by a web application here. Probably include something about business support services and being a total solution provider.


Lawton US

Tech Kingdom

Allow Tech Kingdom the honor and privilege to help build your Kingdom to Technical greatness!

Looking for a team to provide you IT or website support? What about Office 365, hardware, or software licenses and support? We can help your business, just reach out and we can see what we can do!

Please let us know if we can be of help with this or any other technology-related need! I have also attached a Brochure to provide further info on our company.

We are a one-stop shop Technology Partner for businesses of all shapes and sizes. By working with our clients, we want to ensure they stay efficient and cost-effective with their business needs and requirements to better develop their unique business environment; to be successful in what they do, and ensure they are secure and proficient with business operations which allow them to adequately increase productivity and show competence, improving trust for their customers and increasing revenue and/or decreasing costs.

Tech Kingdom specializes in all facets of Technology and provides its' customers with: Managed Services, Infrastructure Services, Security and Networking Solutions, Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, Infrastructure Hosting, HIPAA/HITECH Hosting, Backup and Disaster Solutions, Technology Support, Technology Consultation. Technology Management, Technology Maintenance, Web Development, Project Services, Integration Services, Migration Services, Software, Domains, SSL Certificates, Voice and VoIP Communication, Cloud Services, Training, and so much more! We will aid you with any and all business needs!

Tech Kingdom has sworn an oath to help and protect all technology aspects. Our Kingdom has a dedication to all businesses big or small, we will assist any and all persons. The world is constantly evolving, growing, and becoming more technology driven. We understand that and wish to better assist everyone who requires our help. We won't allow businesses to get left in the dust, so allow us to aid you with your technology business needs. We are protectors of your Kingdom!

We are Professional Technology experts working together to help manage, maintain, and protect your business and its technology assets. We are problem-solvers and critical thinkers who look at the overall issues and make strategies and plans to create an efficient and properly operated business. We look for ways to improve, assist, and save costs, always looking for the best solutions with best practices in mind. We defeat and fight off problems and look for ways to prevent future issues. We are the Tech Kingdom Forces, ready to fight and win!

We envision a world of technology dominated by protectors and people looking out for each other instead of one filled with those who want to raid and pillage. All businesses protected and technology experts managing and defending their systems efficiently and with less effort than what is required now. A Golden Era for security and business operations. People working together to keep their businesses safe and properly run!


Glendale US


TV, iPad and Mobile App Development

App Development - TV, iPad and Mobile App Development


Lilburn US

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David McNeal

Creative Technologist, Writer, & Virtual Assistant working with teams remotely

Creative Technologist, Writer, & Virtual Assistant working with teams remotely from Lakeside, Arizona. From experience I’ve learned it takes an unconditional commitment and strong work ethics to succeed in today’s world. So, I hold firmly to the values of hard work and moral integrity to uphold a reputation of outstanding professionalism.

By implementing UX practices to design, writing, and web development, I create and improve the quality of a wide range of web-based projects. In addition, I’m highly available 7 days a week, offering guidance, instruction, or advice about Distributed ledgers, IT security regulations, Cloud computing, Cryptography, Cryptocurrency, and related topics.

I have a user-centric mindset. I help identify design opportunities and challenges through direct interviews and other user-based research. I assess project needs and quickly compile the best tools to help processes deliver more efficiently.

I am an effective communicator with creative vision and ability. I simplify complex user experiences using effective visual concept designs (e.g. infographics, mockups, illustrations, flowcharts, and wire-frames with the correct fidelity needed to communicate the intent of design.)

I use effective prototype with descriptive comments to improve project consistency and efficiency. I work hands-on throughout the design phase to ensure it shows clear design intentions. I identify current design flaws and suggest solutions that can achieve the same design goal with less technical impact.

I bridge the gap during transition from design phase to development by establishing a standard for component granularity and coding architectural model with class-naming consistency.

For post-development testing, I deploy the proof of concept from a live server, and conduct A/B testing and log user feedback. Ensuring that designs and the code that manifests them provide progressive improvements and greater accessibility for all users.


Lakeside US


$1 - $499