Taloslogy is a solution oriented company focusing on end-to-end digital transformation solutions in Mobile and Enterprise Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Immersive Technologies, and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.We specialise in strategy consultation, design, development and management next generation products and services. We help visionary entrepreneurs and organizations to transform ground breaking ideas into successful solutions.


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Anybody can build a website with drag and drop features. However, your website is more important to your audience as any other form of media. It should be crafted as such. We pride ourselves in our Unrivaled Customer Service and Outstanding Price. WebWorkings: Websites Crafted for the Rest of Us


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$1 - $499

Pael Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the cornerstone of connecting with your customers. We help you discover your brand and give it a competitive advantage. We develop a plan to connect with the people you serve through our advanced digital marketing tools and strategies.




$2,000 +


Training videos provided for your specific needs. Whether personal or for business, find the right video for every need.


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Oakes Writing Website Services

We Bring Websites to Life. Site Restoration and Reconstruction, Expert Content Development, and Custom Inbound Marketing Packages Guaranteed for Satisfaction and Results. By using Known data, we "reverse engineer" a marketing program tailored to Your Goals. Need 50 New Customers per month? We carefully examine your Target Market, the Demographics of your Market, your Website, and Current Marketing to determine exactly what is needed to reach your goal. And WE Guarantee Results In Writing.

We Bring Your Site to Life!

For nearly a decade, Oakes Writing Website Services has used proven techniques to both grow and restore websites for small business owners.

Oakes Writing Restores Websites in the Same Way a Landscaper Restores Beauty to a Yard.

Our Mission is to help small businesses get results from their websites and other online marketing.

If a website is not getting traffic, a business will not grow via that website. Most small business owners know that a website can help them better market their company, but have also found that their website is largely useless.

Many spend large sums of money on Google Ads, Billboards, and other forms of advertising to drive traffic to their website, to their company, or both.

Yet, this is throwing good money after bad.

Advertising a website is advertising your advertising.

The fact is, if managed properly, a website will produce all the business you need without resorting to traditional advertising, which is expensive. The best part is, properly managing a website is as easy as restoring a yard and just as affordable.

To this end, we mainly provide high-quality content for websites. We avoid gimmicks and fancy photos while providing what searchers are seeking...what you provide. Naturally, if a website must be rebuilt, we do, if a site operator needs help with Social Media we have them covered, and we are Analytics and Google Ads Certified providers.

Finally, we warrant everything we do for quality, satisfaction, and results.

We have the strongest Guarantees in the Industry for good reason. We always do what we say we will do.

Our Products Include:

Optimized Written Content

People find websites using the words on the page, but these words must match what is being searched. That is Search Engine Marketing. We make sure that every page is optimized for effective search results.

Website Development

Everyone knows that a website is the best marketing tool today. We not only develop websites that look nice, but more importantly, perform as they should...bringing your company business.

Social Media Management

Connecting social media helps with SEO, but more importantly, a great social media presence helps generate business for your business. Let us help you help those looking for what you offer.

Google Ads/Analytics

Google Ads can be confusing. Google Analytics as well. As Certified experts, we help you promote and understand your business in more ways than you can imagine...And, we explain all we do.

Public Speaking/Consulting

Whether you want us to speak before your group or organization or would like us to train your employees, we are happy to do so. Give us 90 Minutes and you will learn more than you have in years.

Video Production

The Internet is rapidly being taken over by video. If you do not have a video presence on the web, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. We write, direct, and produce. You reap the rewards.

If you are looking for a Content Marketing Firm which can provide everything needed for your Inbound Marketing Campaigns, make Oakes Writing Website Services your first and last stop.

At Oakes Writing, We Bring Websites to Life!


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$2,000 +


Expo-Syss is a company focused on the development of applications and logistics solutions that can streamline your company or business. We have a diverse range of solutions that include from the import of equipment, supplies, among others, to the creation of computer systems and information management; all in order to optimize your resources and take your business to a new level.


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Girard Media

Girard Media offers the best services in Multimedia Design, Digital Marketing, & Business Solutions. For a Free Consultation please contact us for more information. (888) 646-3523


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$500 - $999

Chris Camp Designs

With over a decade of experience in the creative industry, Chris Camp Designs will produce exciting experiences for your organization's website viewers that are as smart, as they are effective without breaking the bank. Our full-range of services besides website design include graphic design, digital marketing, printing and embroidery to add more to your brand's look and keep people coming back!


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$500 - $999


Simply having a website is not enough. You need to unhide your site. If search engines can't find your site, potential customers can't either. At UnhideYourSite.com, our focus is Search Engine Optimization. We start with beautiful, user-focused websites that are built technically sound, and then we go to work to help search engines understand that YOUR site provides the best information for people looking for your service. The results are predictable cash flows for years to come.


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US|GCP - U.S. Global Cybercrime Prevention Services - a division of SCARS

Cybersecurity / Protection Against Socially Engineered Cybercrimes

Social engineering is the art of manipulating human beings into performing actions or divulging confidential information. It includes a broad range of manipulative techniques employed by cybercriminals around the world from North Korea and Iran to West Africa, Southeast Asia, China, Latin America, and virtually everywhere else to obtain money, obtain control, steal data and intellectual property, perform sabotage, and otherwise traumatize individuals and damage enterprises.

US|GCP™ is the most experienced provider of cybercriminality protection services in the world, delivering both remote and onsite social engineering prevention services, incident response, and remediation & support. Scroll down to learn more!

With over 28 Years of experience and having helped tens of thousands recover from socially engineered scams, the US|GCP Team behind US|GCP are experts in every aspect of global online fraud. The US|GCP Leadership were also principals in the establishment of healthcare, financial, and online regulatory privacy & security, as well as founding the world’s most respected online crime victims’ assistance organization. Let our recognized expert team help your organization’s personnel withstand the constant onslaught of professional cybercriminals.

We are also website security experts that can help in locking down websites and your online footprints to make you much more resistant to cybercrime.

We are also partnered with the leader in online reputation management www.PerfectReputations.com for when adverse events happen that affect you or your business reputation online or in the real world.

Call us today at 786-566-7898


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