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Ask the Egghead is a full service WordPress web design and development agency. An Egghead will help you develop ideas and projects, transform your organization, and grow your business.

Ask the Egghead’s Holistic Approach to Web Design

What is holistic web design?

Most web design and development agencies are so eager to push new features and designs out to your site that they forget to ask what your organization needs, or how your organization can be more efficient or more effective online. They never ask what your online workflows are like, or /how and where does your organization disseminate its information.

At Ask the Egghead we are constantly thinking; How can we create a better experience for your site visitors and increase the effectiveness of your online efforts?

How can we help your organization be more efficient and more effective?

At Ask the Egghead this starts with a holistic review of your current site and the demographics of your visitors, as well as a review of your business model and goals.

This review should include every aspect of your organization’s online efforts, including but not limited to; lead generation (sales), information dissemination, efficiency in employee interactions, recruiting, and social networking.

We believe your organization’s website should not be the afterthought in your information sharing plan! Your website should be the focal point of anything and everything that your organization does online. Information should flow directly from you or your designated employees to your website and from there be disseminated to any and all other applicable platforms.

What platforms you choose should center around your organization’s needs and the demographics of your clients (site visitors).

In a retail-based scenario think of your organization’s website as the store and the social media platform as the mall or shopping center. The social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) like a mall or shopping center has great traffic and you need to attract some of this traffic to your store to increase sales, but your goal is not to increase traffic at the social media platform, mall or shopping center, your goal is to get people in the door of your store or to your website. And to this end you want to use these social media platforms to drive traffic to your site, the online representation of your organization, and not the reverse! These platforms are in place to feed you traffic, you are not in business to feed them traffic.

This is why all information should flow through your website initially and from there be disseminated to any and all online platforms. This way all roads back from anything you share online lead to your website. And your brand’s message remains consistent across all platforms.


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