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Holistics & Co

Project requirements
Develop a fully functional ecommerce store for selling holistic products these requirements are as follows:
Ecommerce store front
Blog required
To develop the legal policy pages related to ecommerce
Apply technology for integrating Facebook shop and set up
source products and load onto the shop under related categories
All requirements have been met along with applying SEO

Nutro Labelling Services

Project Requirements
Develop a business website showcasing there services to the food industry
Provide service information including:
Food label evaluation,
Ingredients statement with allergen declaration,
Nutrient function claims assessment
Enhanced proof reading of labels
Graphic artist version
Develop website pages including Home, About & Contact page
Integrate the site into the Vbay Global Shop
completed including SEO of site


Nutro Vegan

Project Requirements
To build a functional high speed web platform for a vegan nutritionist, requirements were the following:

Shop for customers to purchase online meal plans.

Booking platform to allow customers to book online consultations.

Several pages including home, contact pages & informational pages on nutrients

The customer required a blog which we also completed

Wanda also required social connections and the site added to the search engines to boost the SEO for the site.

Original Earthwear

The client requested an ecommerce site to display and sell Womens clothing and accessories paticulary for bohemian fashion wear.The client also wanted currencies available in US Dollars and South african Rands available for checkout with both currencies , Project was completed with also linking the site to facebook shop and instagram.

Planet Green

the project was to provide an ecommerce site that could sell eco friendly products and services in US Dollars and South African Rands .
Also to source the products and buld a comprehensive and functional site that is easy to navigate .
Link the site to the relevent social platforms and implement a facebook shop with sales on instagram.
To follow up with an email marketing and provide services for google shopping.


Vbay Global

to build a main site for the Vbay Global group this site is there infomational blog site promoting there cause A Global Plant-Based Trading Platform
I don’t think it can ever be more clear than now, that the plant-based community needs to be able to shake hands in their own niche, in one online portal.

Driving the cause
In order to drive the global cause of plant-based people, we would need to make a significantly harder attempt at establishing ourselves in the marketplace.

This will have a ripple effect into the agricultural and environmental arenas.

Vbay Global Plant Based Trading

Project Requirements
Develop a location-based, mobile-ready, comprehensive sales and marketing platform.
Provide Geo-location of shops & merchants
Provide customer ability to onboard clients
Develop merchants ability to categorize products
Provide each shop/merchant ability to promote
Set up payment gateways with ability to provide commission based stores
Provide side menus for restaurant's
Launch the project in a timely manner
Apply SEO services
This is an ongoing project

Vegan Health Store

Vegan Health Store Project Requirements.
To build an ecommerce store for the vegan health business.
Source various products for our store.
Add available shipping options.
Integrated with an easy to navigate store front.
Be mobile ready.
High speed cart check out options.
Legal policies