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CPQcart is a revolutionary PATENTED instant pricing/quoting software that will save you and your potential customers’ time with the potential of increasing your sales and ROI. Are you interested in reducing overhead cost and time in the quotation process, with more sales? Are you interested in an automated self-help Instant Quote system ? Are you interested in getting better pre-qualified leads that have a sufficient budget for your service or product? Only $1/day/product/mo,

Our Staff has many years of IT experience in Configure Price Quote (CPQ), ERP, & Order Entry Systems that deal with options in the Manufacturing Industry. We are now offering this technology to any Micro, SMB, or Large business that sell or buy a product or service with options in a Patented Quote engine. CPQcart allows the site Admin in a wizard to enter all applicable questions, rules of allowed data entry, inter relationship checking, math to calculate selling price without expensive programming.

Lee Hinman the inventor of CPQcart and CEO has been a pioneer in IT industry with the first micro computer store in south FL in 1977.

Simply put, CPQcart is a revolutionary Cloud based Instant Price Quoting/Order software for companies selling:

Services with selectable options with or without products
or Products with selectable option answers
Both have different quote prices based on their individual preferences and needs.

With CPQcart a Return On Investment ROI can vary from $5 to $1000s per $1 spent on CPQcart. To see what YOUR Return on Investment-ROI is we have a web page for YOU. Click here to Discover your ROI.

What is CPQ?

CPQ is an acronym for Configure, Price, Quote. CPQ is used to describe the process of selecting options (configure), handle pricing (price) and generate documentation (quote). CPQ software is primarily used for complex services, products, or a combination of the two.

What is CPQcart?

CPQcart is unique and was granted a US Methods Patent. It is a eCommerce Engine but not taking Credit Cards as $ down and rest upon completion with dealing with Services and possible products is not applicable. Also each Completion of the Pre Defined form has the ability to indicate if it is Quote or Order that is NOT the Normal in eCommerce. The site Administrator using CPQcart has the ability to Math from each of the Option attributes to compute the Quote/Order Price. The admin also has control of the option words, allowed answers & words when failing. No knowledge of HTML programming needed as the Wizard allow the admin to set up the pre-defined forms.

What makes CPQcart unique?

CPQcart software is unique as we are the only Configure Price Quote-CPQ vendor with a cloud based Instant Price Quote software integrated with a Marketplace providing multiple Instant Price Quotes in seconds without any human interaction on the Vendors part. This will be a disruptor to Home Advisor as well as other industries outside of home improvement. Below are screen images.
We are not advocating to replace your existing website.

You have a link placed on your present website to ours.
Your contact only site FORM can be replaced with our link.
Or you only provide our web page to your staff if you do not want it open to the public.
You control the option words, allowed answers, & math for computing the quote price.
We do the rest of keeping you site up to date & backups.
If you have some Questions before starting the Free 30-Day Trial Click on the Schedule-Time TAB above to set up an appointment?

Still skeptical? Test it for yourself with a Free 30-Day Trial.
You can sign up for the FREE 30-day Trial (No Credit Card until day 28) with one of the three links below:

1. Go to or click

2. Go to or click follow the notes.

3. Click Register, Click add to cart, answer Options then checkout.




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