247eQuotes LLC

Panama City Beach, United States
1 - 500$

247equotes is a revolutionary PATENTED instant pricing/quoting software that will save you and your potential customers time with the potential of increasing your sales and ROI. Are you interested in reducing overhead costs and time in the quotation process, with more sales? Are you interested in an automated SelfServe Instant Quote system? Are you interested in getting better pre-qualified leads that have a sufficient budget for your service or product? Only $1/day/product/month,

About Us Our Staff has many years of IT experience in Configure Price Quote (CPQ), ERP, & Order Entry Systems that deal with options in the Manufacturing Industry. We are now offering this technology to any Micro, SMB, or Large business that sells or buys a product or service with options in a Patented Quote engine. 247eQuotes allows the site Admin in a wizard to enter all applicable questions, rules of allowed data entry, inter relationship checking, math to calculate selling price without exp...
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