They say “if you have 2 coins, buy bread with one and a flower with the other”, Al-Mays Flowers was founded in Al-Khobar City, Saudi Arabia, in addition to their beautiful arrangements, and tasteful chocolate, they offer monthly subscriptions, and if you are interested you may join one of their flower arrangements workshops and gain an accredited certificate.

Al-Mays Flowers deliver its services with love and passion, and you will see it in all their services.


Simple and elegant, that what they asked us to do with their website, and we did so, we created for them a simple to use and navigate website, which will make it easy for their clients to find what they are looking for.


One of the most joyful projects for us was working with Healthy Teddy to create their website, the website is like an online nutrition center where you can find what do you need to eat, what exercises you will be doing in the gym, and more over how to get in touch with professional nutrition consultants and professional trainers.



ITS Governance makes it easy for people who are specialized in IT Service Management, Information Security and IT Governance to know about the latest news international standards and best practices news related to those subjects,

The website have a very robust strategic plan to enable more features to the users.


One of the important decisions of RICHSTONE management was, what to show in their website? how should it look like? who are the target visitors? They reached to us and we gave them the answer for all of this questions.

The website we created for them is very simple and acts as an online portfolio, it shows RICHSTONE contracting and maintenance services, and makes it easy to visitors to navigate all the services with ease of use and beautiful colors combined with pretty images.

The website have a section to show how RICHSTONE is committed to quality, health and safety, and customer services.