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Freedom Media Productions

Freedom Media Productions uses the Virtual Interactive Live Broadcast service, that brings in your viewers direct into your own stream while still interacting with your audience.

Freedom Media Productions uses advance networking technology to deliver high-end Broadcasting.
In collaboration with 5G networks, we utilize the latest in compressed data transfer of Audio & Video streams in a more robust, faster environment
We deliver in REAL TIME with little to no delay.

Complimented with our Virtual Interactive Live Broadcast service, you can have your audience members actively participate in your event.

We provide our service any where in the United States(and soon, the World!)

Our service has been deployed to broadcast scholastic events including sports, concerts, and graduations, digital classrooms/Distance Learning, Special Event Broadcasting (Weddings, Ceremonies, Auctions) and public or closed meetings.

We use High Definition audio & video formats, near latent free connections, real time live distribution, and faster compression abilities to require less data usage, and no bottleneck of network traffic.


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