Black Salt Coreuption Video Game

Project Management and Content Development for Gaming Events and 360 Storytelling design. IP Expansion and Digital Delivery.

Black Salt Coreuption is a 3D arena fighting game series that combines two action properties. (Black Salt Vs COREUPT) COREUPT at its CORE is a pulse pounding action brawler! Follow Gatling as he fights alongside new allies to discover the CORE of the worlds COREUPTION!

Blacksalt - Website Award winning HBO Short

Server Management, Site Maintenance and WooCommerce integration.

Black Salt is a feature film franchise based on the critically acclaimed comic book series. The Black Salt Minifeature won the Cinemax/HBO Action Short Film Competition and received a licensing deal with HBO. To date HBO confirmed that the Black Salt Minifeature has accumulated well-over 5 million views across all Max platforms. The Black Salt Minifeature and comic book series is a prequel to the 3D arena fighting game.

Dreamer Management: Talent Database, CRM, and Client Scheduling

Dreamer Management is a small Artist Management, Branding, Events and Artist Development firm. Muidem designed a company website and talent database that's integrated with, Google Sheets, Zoho CRM and Zoho Bookings. Run your entire business with Zoho's suite of online productivity tools and SaaS applications. Over 50 million users worldwide trusts Zoho's Cloud Applications. They are diverse and can make business more efficient for any organization.


Website and Membership Directory: WritersMob in Hollywood

Hollywood's best collective for creatives in the TV and Film Industry. Writer's Mob is a collective for aspiring diverse writers, storytellers, and content creators. It was created by 1oneninety5 as an incubator, offering a myriad of courses created and taught by working industry professionals. The “Mob”, as it is affectionately called, strives to be the answer to the lack of diversity in writers' rooms across Hollywood. The site was developed by Muidem Media as an entry point for Talent. The site is designed to market, promote and facilitate online Workshops, Panels, Virtual Learning Sessions, and as a Talent Database for Actors, Writers, Directors, and Film Producers.

Website & Catering Bookings: KP's Cajun Boils

Website design for Kenneth P Guidroz Jr, better known as KP. KP a former supermodel began cooking at a very early age down in the bayous just south of New Orleans. Southern Louisiana is very well known for its infamous Cajun seafood boils. Muidem Designed and developed a website with online appointment features, e-commerce and event management features.

Website: Heritage Interpreting

Muidem developed the website copy, the site design, and back-end systems to allow for contact management of their interpreter workforce. Heritage Interpreting is a provider of Sign Language interpreting & CART services. Heritage ensures that access to effective communication is available to everyone, everywhere, every time. In addition to American Sign Language interpreters,
our client provides 240 spoken languages for video
remote interpreting and over-the-phone interpreting.


Website: Support, Learning Management System and Ecommerce

Andre is a world renowned life coach. Andre Hills is founder and CEO of The Delta Influence, and Atlanta-based life coaching organization. Muidem implemented a Learning Management system that allows clients to signup for e-learning and online courses. Site content is updated and maintained by the Muidem Media Web Development Team.