E-learn Malawi Project

This is a cloud based open learning plartform to carter for all Public and Private institutions that can't afford to locally setup Learning Management System, but are interested to offer e-earn programmes to their learners. This was developed as one of the of schools tinitiatives to help institutions stay open virtually during the closure of schools to curb the spread of Corona Virus. Unfotunately the project lacks funding for training both users How ever I am still searching for funding to complete the training phase and let users benefit from the cloud based LMS. you can contact me through email to mwayi@ibitconsult.com or mwayimchuchu@gmail.com.

Kawelo Lawyers Website Development

Built a website with, and hosting of the law firm's website plus emails.

OMACHE foundation website development

Development of a website for the organisation includes emails and hosting and continuous maintenance updates


URAC Website Development and Hosting

Developed a website for the organisation plus continuous maintenance and updates support

Web Development for a Fashion Design Company

Developed a website for the fashion design company/ titled xandria designs

Website Development for RUDEVIT

Developed and hosting the company's website