Virginia Beach, USA
1000 - 2000$

Network, Management, & Logistics Integration focuses on complete IT solutions for small and medium companies. From installing upgrades and updates to designing and installing servers and websites. Also, we have reliable online services to compliment the businesses that are on the cloud and/or moving to the cloud. Our staff can create, establish, and maintain online remote access & WIFI security. Contact us for your next IT project or need, we look forward to working with those moving forward.

Specialist in the IT field for all types of general/mission critical computing, email, peripheral, web and web security. We have combined over 40 years in the field, our techicians also include former military and goverment workers, college level instructors, and people oriented employees. We are here to help your company excel in any projects.
Enterprise Cloud (IaaS), Managed Cloud (PaaS), Website Maintenance, Webdesign, Domain Registration, Domains, SSL, Email, eCommerce, MSSQL, MySQL, CSS, HTML, Visual Basic, Hosting, Accounting, Office, Servers, Server Setup, Server Maintenance, Linux, macOS, Security, Windows, Websites, Joomla!, WordPress
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