Poe Security, Inc

Poe Security, Inc

Chicago, United States
500 - 1000$

Poe Security, Inc provides Custom Development services and Managed IT Services for Small Businesses and Crypto Projects. Our experienced team is capable of configuring and maintaining highly secure enterprise infrastructure that scales with your business leveraging robust decentralized solutions. Contact us to learn about how we can safeguard your business for the new digital frontier!

Poe Security is a remote-first information security consulting firm that helps businesses and non-profits cut costs while improving security and availability through decentralized business solutions. Our team leverages blockchain technology to setup our customers with the most sophisticated and modern technology stack when it comes to secure communications, document storage, credentialing, and collaborating.
Amazon Web Service (AWS), Enterprise Cloud (IaaS), Managed Cloud (PaaS), Domains, Email, ReactJS, HTML, Python, Hosting, Office, Servers, Server Maintenance, Security
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