US|GCP - U.S. Global Cybercrime Prevention Services - a division of SCARS

Cybersecurity / Protection Against Socially Engineered Cybercrimes

Miami United States

Social engineering is the art of manipulating human beings into performing actions or divulging confidential information. It includes a broad range of manipulative techniques employed by cybercriminals around the world from North Korea and Iran to West Africa, Southeast Asia, China, Latin America, and virtually everywhere else to obtain money, obtain control, steal data and intellectual property, perform sabotage, and otherwise traumatize individuals and damage enterprises.

US|GCP™ is the most experienced provider of cybercriminality protection services in the world, delivering both remote and onsite social engineering prevention services, incident response, and remediation & support. Scroll down to learn more!

With over 28 Years of experience and having helped tens of thousands recover from socially engineered scams, the US|GCP Team behind US|GCP are experts in every aspect of global online fraud. The US|GCP Leadership were also principals in the establishment of healthcare, financial, and online regulatory privacy & security, as well as founding the world’s most respected online crime victims’ assistance organization. Let our recognized expert team help your organization’s personnel withstand the constant onslaught of professional cybercriminals.

We are also website security experts that can help in locking down websites and your online footprints to make you much more resistant to cybercrime.

We are also partnered with the leader in online reputation management for when adverse events happen that affect you or your business reputation online or in the real world.

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