Orlando, USA
2000$ +

A living organization powered by people that bond with clients, guided by the passion to serve others 🚀

Software Development Agency based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Founded in 2022 after the merger of two Digital Agencies with over 13+ years of experience. Technologies we enjoy 🖤: Laravel, Node.js, C#, Angular, React.js, Flutter, React Native, Java, Swift, Kotlin, Blockchain, Solidity, Web3.
Amazon Web Service (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Design & Creativity, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), eCommerce, Shopify, Node.js, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, AngularJS, Laravel, .NET, C#, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, ASP .NET, Hosting, Server Setup, Server Maintenance, Databases, iOS, Apps
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