MNark is personal organization between myself and a close friend. More to come on this soon.

Personalized/Expandable Start-Up Landing Pages

Using a secure authentication token and a personalized G-Suite domain, I use Google Sites to create a scalable all access landing page enable Licensed Professionals a familiar turn to an ever changing world. As they continue to grow, many people find themselves using SO many different outside resources - it can get confusing to keep track of everything!

Using your Google account - This landing page comes fully stocked with any links you may use daily, a secure vault connected to your Google Drive - or, any content desired.

Proch Family Intranet

Needing a separate intranet for our family, I built our family a completely secure, HIPAA compliant intranet customizable to each member of our family with their own domains.



QCPCA is a brother company to ThriveOT and MNark. Working together these 3 organizations plan to introduce a revolutionary solutions infrastructure.

Please check back or ask for more details.

Simple Solutions App

Simple Solutions wants an Intranet for multiple use cases. We are currently working hard on using all of our current projects and new tools to rejuvenate the way mental health is accessed and thought of in that matter.

Simple Solutions Client Portal

InnerPeace - is known as Simple Solutions' client portal website. Wanting to provide their clients a public access website to enter their portal while keeping public traffic and ads off this site. We did this using distinguishable domain names and similar identifiers to the organization.


Simple Solutions Practice Website

Simple Solutions wanted two secure websites apart from one another. One for public advertising, public comments to draw in new clients while show casing their employee's and team work.

The client portal was created under

ThriveOT - Revolutionary Solutions

ThriveOT is an online service that provides and links multiple organizations and services together under one easy accessible and completely scalable website.

My Simple Solutions - Communication & Internal Team Intranet

Team Intranet Solution for the growing mental health company Simple Solutions Care, LLC.


Updating & Maintaining Provider Data, Credentialing, & Licenses.

This is a current project, and I hope to have it done in the next few days. Part of developing new solutions for Simple Solutions, we are developing a website to securely hold providers credentials while our team credentials their professional licenses' in across state lines. This is known as Reciprocity. Tyler has a personal project of submitting signed petitions on to help push this project. Using the application I am building, and the petitions I am getting signed, I hope to streamline this whole process between Insurance Providers, State Requirements, and other Provider Data Management. In the end, I hope to bring ALL of these projects under one big accessible user friendly "environment". My purpose? To simplify what shouldn't be so complicated.