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Creating Websites That Connect With Your Audience Websites today are a lot more than just some images and text highlighting a product or service. I work with small businesses and individuals to build a website that connects with your audience. I would like to create a website that fills your design needs and connects your audience to your brand, whether it is a landing page or a full site. Let's get started on your new web odyssey today.

I got my start setting by up family reunion websites in the 1990’s, then moved on to designing sites for small businesses as well as sites for professionals in the medical field. I learned the principles of design along the way, getting my certificate in Web Design in 2011, and have successfully completed numerous online courses in design, UX/UI, and code implementation. Over the years, there have been a lot of changes in how we design for desktop, tablet, and mobile device platforms to create an exciting and creative online environment. Today’s websites focus more on searchability, speed, content, and responsiveness across all platforms.


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