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Winning Solutions, Inc.

WSI is a skilled developer of simple to complex custom web browser interfaces to Microsoft SQL Server databases. We also work extensively with Microsoft Access. Data entry and viewing forms over data. We can connect local Microsoft Access screens to MS-SQL data hosted on an IONOS server enabling users to be at multiple sites. WSI builds web interfaces using the latest Microsoft .NET technology. WSI can deploy to your IONOS account or a server on WSI's.

Winning Solutions, Inc. (WSI) has many year of experience working with various off the shelf programming languages and applications. A quick list of some of those are listed below.For a more detailed explanation of the type of work we do with each product, click on the product you are interested in.

Since that time, great care has been taken, with careful selection, to build a team of like-minded individuals, who would be able to produce and support this vision. This vision includes, but is not limited to, unparalleled dedication to providing the most favorable solutions to today’s challenges in the world of accessible technology for clients of all skill-levels, top-of-the-line customer-service to each and every client, and assurance that the client is aware of the process along the way, taking part in all of the major and final decisions, knowing that their voice is always not only heard, but respected.

Having successfully achieved these goals in profitable ways since the inception of WSI, in early 2001, the opportunity became viable for the expansion of the company, and WSI opened its first branch office in Ft. Myers, FL. The same vision holds true for the team that was built in the Ft. Myers location as the one in Ames, broadening the pool of talent from which new ideas can be brought to life, without compromising the integrity of the original vision. A second branch office was opened in 2015 in Muscatine Iowa. Routine collaboration between the three offices takes place, most notably in the form of office meetings which occur on a regular basis through conference calls.

WSI, as a company and a team, continues to successfully navigate and steer the way through the sea of technology of our current times. Team members undergo continued education and use their varied experiences to better provide what each client is in hopes of finding…the winning solution.


Accounting, CSS, Domain Registration, eCommerce, E-mail, Graphic Design, HTML, MSSQL, Office, Server Maintenance, Server Setup, Visual Basic, Windows