In the lush green acres of the Connecticut seaside is the elegant family estate Branchview. Steven Spencer paranormal novelist is beckoned to the manor after receiving a mysterious message on his computer screen. Once there, he is confronted with some hidden secrets, thereby bringing Loraine Spencer, his lovely life partner, to the estate. Steven soon discovers he is the illegitimate child of the matriarch Penelope Locke Branch.

Soon after the Spencer’s arrival, they found themselves entangled in the family’s centuries-old struggle with witchcraft, and a Satanic cult called the Secret Society. When two witches return from the dead intending to destroy the Branch family and stealing their fortune, all hell breaks loose. The nearby town of Lockport suffers from the plot, losing innocent casualties

Chayo Briggs

As a highly successful Real Estate Investor for the last seventeen years, Chayo Briggs is the President of Briggs & Lay Pro Incorporated. Besides the multitude of real estate services Briggs is an effective motivational speaker and published author. The key to his success lies in life experience, by developing exceptional skills to create passive income Chayo can assist his clients in procuring their prosperous future; breaking the chains of financial distress.

Briggs is driven to obtain the highest standards for himself and clients. By promoting an organization's efforts concerned with civil rights and social action. He studies at Grand Canyon University perusing his Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership.

Game Changer

There is no time like the present to start building or rebuilding your credit score. I can teach you tips and tricks for a better future. More importantly, you will also learn how to maintain a good score. Let’s work together and make some changes to your credit. We can help you reach goals through structured oriented actions, Freedom Restoration and Financial Education Services are the masters of financial success!


The RAHA Series

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The True Story of Evelyn Frechette

Facing Fear depicts the true story of Evelyn (Billie) Frechette, beloved companion of John Dillinger. Ravaged by the unyielding violence of being an American Indian in the early 1900s she struggles to survive. As society fights to overcome the Great Depression, Evelyn tries to make ends meet taking work wherever it presents itself.

An instant attraction blossomed. “I’ll never forget that. It happened the way things do in the movies. I was 25 years old, but I wasn’t any different from all the other girls that were my age. Nothing that had happened to me up to that time could amount to anything. However, that night everything changed. I started a new kind of life,” Billie said.

Unhackable: Your Online Security Playbook: Recreating Cybersecurity In An Unsecure World

Terrified about identity theft and data breaches? Discover a foolproof method to protect your information and get online peace of mind.

Are you worried about your family members getting scammed or hacked? Want to keep your computers and phones protected with iron-clad security? Certified Microsoft Systems Engineer and cybersecurity expert George Mansour has helped individuals and businesses protect their data for over 15 years. Now he'll share his simple system for safeguarding your valuable digital life.

Unhackable provides you with a unique cybersecurity strategy that combines user psychology and easy-to-apply techniques that teach you how to become your own strongest line of defense. Informative and insightful, Mansour uses anecdotes, professional experience, and step-by-step procedures to make protecting your personal data as easy as hitting the power button.